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Price and Promotion Capture: Competitive Pricing Made Easy 

Monitor your competitor's pricing strategies with Shepper's new and innovative Price and Promotion Capture solution.

Shepper is a network-powered business intelligence platform providing actionable, objective, real-time data for brands and retailers.

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About Shepper

Data Collection for Brands and Retailers

Why Shepper


Community of  UK workers.


Jobs completed.


Data points collected.


UK coverage.

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Data you can trust

At Shepper we pride ourselves on reliable accurate and representative data, collected by our trusted community of workers using our industry-leading tech, and finally reviewed by our meticulous QA team.

Speed of collection

Our growing community-powered solution means we have the flexibility and pace to collect large amounts of price data within a tight window. From brief to launch in 48hrs.

100% coverage

Our trusted community of over 80,000 'Shepherds' gives us 100% coverage across UK stores; both physical store monitoring and online tracking. We offer a complete omnichannel solution for price benchmarking. 

BI Dashboard Capabilties

Every project comes with a custom BI dashboard built and shared by our Data Science team. You can choose to receive raw data findings to plug into your in-house database or receive an interactive dashboard highlighting actionable insights. 

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price and promotion capture - competitive pricing

Video Game Pricing by Retailer

Are your prices competitive? 

In such a competitive market, it is crucial to monitor your competitor's Prices, Promotions and Product Range.

Video Game Pricing by Retailer

What promotional offerings do other retailers have?

Shepper acquires an accurate overview of widespread retailers and categories to drive  profit margin and improve product positioning within a market.


How to use Shepper

We collect data through our high-calibre network of agents, called Shepherds, using our best in class mobile app. We have an extensive and diverse community of Shepherds all over the UK, on-hand and ready for work at a moment's notice.


01 You Book

Choose one of our expertly designed templates and work with us to tailor it to your specific needs. Tell us where, when and what data you need.


02 We Check 

Our vast network of Shepherds collects your data using our industry-leading mobile app. Each data point is reviewed for quality by our QA team.


03 You Recieve

Giving you actionable insights on the data points you would like to see, reports are GPS and time-stamped, and sent straight to your inbox.


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From brief to launch in 48hrs.
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