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The Changing Retail Landscape: Ecommerce, the High Street and in-Store Technology

This report explores the emerging shopping habits of a modern-day consumer. Reflect on the responses from over 1,000 shoppers and use our actionable data to revive your omnichannel experience.

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What does this report cover?

  • Post-lockdown shopping trends.
  • Actionable insights and shopper data for retailers and brands.
  • Consumers thoughts on the high-street and what would make them visit more often. 
  • The importance of omnichannel: successful examples of combining digital channels with traditional brick-and-mortar retailing. 
  • The birth of the "Mission Shopper" and how to increase customer loyalty.
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Future-proof your omnichannel experience.

Download the report to uncover the actions needed to revive the high-street and your customer experience.